Order Stand Cleaning all Halls and Outdoor

Important: Please deposit the key at the Service Center in case of locked or partial locked stand.

General Information
1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Lobby, Outdoor, Galerie of Hall 7


Minimum charge 1 hour.

Stand-cleaning at CHF 53.00 / hour.

Nonrecurring cleaning before opening of the exhibition provided that the stand is ready.

(CHF/h 53.00)
Daily stand cleaning in the evening (out of business-hours). Dusting of all free surfaces, cleaning of waste-paper baskets. Cleaning of the floor covering (no shampooing of carpets).

(CHF/h 53.00)

Additional services
(CHF/h 53.00)


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Responsible for questions
Ex. +41 58 200 20 20

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