Order Telephone, Telephone connection, Fax machine, Fax connection
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Telephone connection (analog)
(Price/unit: CHF 295.00) (Art. 460.201)
(Price/unit: CHF 295.00) (Art. 460.202)
Fax-machine will be supplied by the exhibitor

(Price/unit: CHF 90.00) (Art. 460.160)

Telephones and fax

Can only be rented when a corresponding connection has been ordered.

(Price/unit: CHF 110.00) (Art. 460.150)
(Price/unit: CHF 350.00) (Art. 460.253)

Detailed report on calls
(Price/Rapport: CHF 35.00)

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Responsible for questions
Ex. +41 58 200 20 20

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