Storage, refrigerated truck parking space and empties

General Information
1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Lobby, Outdoor, Galerie of Hall 7

Storage container during the exhibition

The containers are available from the last day of assembling.

(Price: CHF 400.00)
(Price: CHF 700.00)

Refridgerated truck parking space during the exhibition

Delivery on the last day of assembling in the afternoon. Pickup on the first day of dismantling in the morning.

(Price: CHF 500.00)
The electrical connection is not included. Please place the order with the order form "Electrical connections".
Is the address of invoice equal the adress of the exhibitor? If not, please fill in the adress of invoice:*


Responsible for questions
Ex. +41 58 200 20 20

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