Order Application for attaching of weights to the hall ceiling
General Information

Attaching weights to the hall ceiling (1 copy of the stand plan showing the dimensions and the rail grid must be enclosed with this order)


The eye-bolts for attaching items to the hall’s ceiling grid are supplied on a rental basis by, and remain the property of, Messe Zürich. Ready-fixed cables with fittings (in halls 1 to 6), fitted at the maximum stand construction height (see rear), are available for rent. The customer himself is responsible for any suspension fittings and equipment above this height.
- Carrying capacity per ring bolt for vertical suspension: max. 150 kg
- Hanging on an angle: only on request
- Separation of the suspension points: min. 1 m

Only Messe Zürich is authorised to fit the eye-bolts.

In the event of accidents, Messe Zürich is liable only up to and including, the end points fitted by Messe Zürich. All other liability will be borne by the exhibitor or by his liability insurance.

(CHF 420.00) (SBS 851.510)
(CHF 60.00) (SBS 841.410)
(CHF 30.00) (SBS 841.413) Number of height-adjustable cables required. The cables are fitted by Messe Zurich. The customer is responsible for setting the height.
(CHF 195.00) (SBS 841.300)
max. 10 MB

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